Hello! I'm Wendy. I am ME as only I can be.

Rooted in authenticity and busting it every day to lean into the best version of myself. As a wife, mother, coach, and friend.

Isn’t that what we all want in life?
To feel authentic and comfortable in our own skin while rising in honor of all that we dream of and desire to create?

I am a holistic coach, wellness junkie, and serial entrepreneur.

I am a friend, sister, wife, and daughter (that last one is complicated)

I am a mother through a perfect mix of birth, foster care, and adoption.

I am deeply experienced in healing trauma.

Gratitude is my religion. Boundaries are my bible.

On a more personal note:

I married my high school love. We have a hard fought marriage, full of strength and intent and I have so much to say about the rewards of creating integrity and forgiveness within relationships.  

The greatest adventure of my life was the 7 years our family spent as full-time travelers, bonding with our newly adopted daughter along the way. Some say it takes a village, for us, it took an RV and the whole wide world. 

Today,  3 AMAZING teenagers call me mama. We chose to raise them unconventionally and with complete autonomy over their own lives. It's an honor to see them carve their unique paths and experiencing education on their own terms and time.

I am an ultimate creator and have built a life around doing things differently and stretching myself to the edge of possibility. I’d love to help you do the same, whatever that looks like for you and what you desire to create.

Next Steps

Let's have a conversation and explore what's possible.