Motherhood is a Marathon

I was having tea with a girlfriend recently and what she said has been on repeat in my head ever since. She recently put her young child in daycare 3 days/week and she joyfully shared how much happier she is as a “part-time mom”.

Part-time mom.

What is that, exactly and what type of stigma and guilt have we put around motherhood that we equate taking a much needed break to part-time mothering?

Motherhood is a really long freaking marathon. Just when your baby sleeps through the night for this first time and you think you are coming around the bend, teething starts. Then night terrors, fevers, one more book, two more books, ten trips out of the room for water, and monsters under the bed. First day of school anxiety, last day of school anxiety, friend drama, girl drama, hurt feelings, homework (ugh), school projects, and midnight runs to CVS for poster board. MIDDLE SCHOOL (it sucks). And then high school starts. SAT prep, college tours, driving, drinking, drugs and sex. Oy Vey!

It’s a really long road, y’all.

I wish someone had told me about the marathon.  And how riddled with worry and fear raising this child would be.

We need to fuel up for the long haul. We must practice self-care and lots of it. Self-care is the foundation of motherhood. It allows us to stay in the race and keep running strong. It allows us to maintain a sense of self and be present and whole for our kids and partners. It allows us to love ourselves through the tough days with laughter and grace.

  • Arranging childcare is mothering
  • Taking a kid-free vacation is mothering
  • Date Night? Yep, that’s mothering
  • Indulging in a massage on a Wednesday afternoon is MOTHERING.

When we take care of ourselves, we have more to give. We share our time and love generously and with a free heart, instead of the martyr type of giving that comes from a place of exhaustion and defeat. Self-care takes commitment.

I invite you to look at your calendar for the coming week. Is self-care booked in there like it’s the most important event of the week? Like it’s the foundation of your success in this marathon called motherhood?

{Only Ever Grateful}

- Wendy


Soul dates are the foundation of my own self care and I make a point to create space for at least one soul date each day. Some days it looks like meditating in the sauna, a long walk with my husband, or a string of pun jokes with my son. Other days, I turn to my tribe of soulful practitioners to rest and recharge. If you are local to Charleston, SC, I encourage you to take yourself on a soul date and visit one of these beautiful creators, healers and self-care providers. 

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